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Mt Level Community Haven's (MLCH) Mission:

To improve the health, wellness, educational attainment, opportunities and spiritual growth of youth, adults and families of Northern Durham County.



Mission and Summary of General Services

Mt Level Community Haven (MLCH) mission is to improve the health, wellness, educational attainment/opportunities and spiritual growth of youth, adults and families of Durham County North Carolina.  Our programs will improve the quality of life for community members and make them more invested in their sense of self-sufficiency and contribution to the community.  MLCH will carry out its mission by providing weekly recreational and cultural activities, health education and services, life skills, GED (General Educational Development) and ESL (English as Second Language) classes, as well as access to nutritional foods.

Mt Level Community Haven will provide a number of programs for adults, youth and seniors.  These programs include Adult Education and Life Skills, the Family and Neighborhood Program, Health, Recreation and Nutrition, the Elderly and Disabled Program, Information Technology and Mentorship.  These programs each incorporate a number of activities that strive to tap into the abundant resources available and cater uniquely to the four core values of heart, mind, body and soul.

In carrying out its mission, Mt Level Community Haven will engage in the following activities:

Adult Education and Life Skills

Family and Neighborhood Program

Youth Programs

Health Program

Recreational and Nutrition Programs

Elderly and Disabled Programs

Information Technology

Mentorship Programs

Special Services

Mount Level Community Haven

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